Chocolate Piano 17

Jul 11

Staff Your Church for Growth, by Gary McIntosh - pdf →

Nice review notes compiled by Ron Bonar

Jul 04

Is it Wise to Hire Members? by Dan Hotchkiss →

Good article on pros and cons of hiring from within the congregation.

Jul 04

Planning Center - worship planning tool →

Keith Arnold posted on 7/4/11 that he is exploring using this tool to facilitate team worship planning.

Jul 02

Charging for RE - two articles

Jun 28

Guide to Fees for Musicians from AGO →

Includes guide to distinguishing employees from independent contractors.

Jun 28

Salary Guide for Musicians from AGO →

Salaries for church musicians using national averages, based on degree/certificate.

Jun 28

Interim Ministry: Why It Matters →

Includes a number of resources related to interim ministry.  Much of this wisdom applies also to religious educator transitions.

Jun 20

Toward Effective Adult Faith Formation →

Thanks to Phil Lund via Katy Carpman.